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Medical Care Australia

MCA is a healthcare management company affiliated with leading healthcare centers and hospitals in Australia with its headquarters in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, which has an environmental assessment. school and the freshest air in the world (The WHO - World Health Organization) )

MCA is founded by leading doctors, professors and medical professionals in Australia. MCA is deeply rooted in Australia's health care system as well as cooperating and has access to leading medical service centers, hospitals and research facilities in the country.

MCA chuyên môn về y tế và quản lý việc chuyển giao kiến thức, cơ sở hạ tầng, chăm sóc y tế và hệ thống y tế. Với danh sách các bác sĩ giáo sư hiện đang chăm sóc hơn 100.000 bệnh nhân, MCA là công ty chuyên môn trong việc quản lý chăm sóc bệnh nhân, gây dựng các hệ thống y tế và triển khai các cơ sở hạ tầng y tế xếp hạng hàng đầu trên thế giới.

The strength of MCA is the use of the Radiopharmaceuticals method, a new method of diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the treatment time is short and extremely effective and so far is still exclusive of MCA. When the "Radiopharmaceutical" drug is injected into the patient's body, the drug emits high energy rays that destroy the ability of cancer cells to repair and replicate, even destroying the tumor.

How to treat cancer with the method “Radiopharmaceuticals”

Cancer cells (in orange) have disappeared when treated with "Radiopharmaceuticals".

Radiopharmaceuticals, when injected into the body, look for cancer cell receptors, like attaching a key to a socket. Therefore, high-energy rays only accumulate on cancer cells, where the drug destroys cancer tumors and does not affect the surrounding healthy tissue.

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